Justin occasionally writes short humor essays.  He was an Associate Editor of The Big Jewel, an online humor site, from 2007-2009.  His work has also appeared in The Funny Times and the HarperCollins humor anthology May Contain Nuts.

Online pieces include:

Senate Intelligence Committee Post-Show Discussion of Hamlet, McSweeney's, 6/9/17

Historical Tragedies And The People Who Might Have Prevented Them Had They Not Died Sixteen Years Prior, McSweeney's, 5/2/17

1970s Hits Updated For The 21st Century, McSweeney's, 2/1/16

Submission Opportunities for Emerging Playwrights, McSweeney's, 7/7/14

From The Complete Sonnets of Sir Mix-A-Lot, The Big Jewel, 9/14/11

An Early Draft of Christine O'Donnell's Campaign Ad, The Big Jewel, 10/8/10

Universal Invoice for a Manhattan Child's Birthday Party, McSweeney's, 3/4/10

God Responds to Sarah Palin's Remarks, The Big Jewel, 10/15/08

Johnny Knoxville's Letters To His Brother, McSweeney's, 10/17/06

Amendments to the Constitution Passed by the 109th Congress, While Drunk, The Big Jewel, 7/26/06

Future Works of Jim Davis, #59-97, The Big Jewel, 6/7/06

Both Sides Now, The Big Jewel, 2/15/06

Diary of a Psychotic Cat, The Big Jewel, 2/8/06

Baby on Board, The Big Jewel, 7/13/05

Disclaimer, The Big Jewel, 6/1/05

Lesser-Known Catholic Miracles, Relics, and Holy Sites, The Big Jewel, 3/30/05

Hot NYC Neighborhoods, 2013, The Big Jewel, 3/2/05

Chore Whore, The Big Jewel, 2/2/05

The Greatest Story Ever Sold, The Big Jewel, 12/22/04