Justin is a Clinical Associate Professor in NYU's Expository Writing Program. He currently teaches first-year writing in the Tisch School of the Arts, and has previously taught "Writing The Essay" and "Writing The Essay: Science" in the College of Arts and Sciences.  In spring 2019, he will also be a Mentor in the Peer Tutoring Program.  He was a recipient of an Award of Excellence for student satisfaction.  Feedback from anonymous course evaluations:

"Justin Warner is a fantastic professor. He's well-versed and passionate about the course material, and his feedback on assignments is always helpful and well thought out. I am very glad that I picked his section."

"He was very personal, not hesitant to answer questions if we had any."

"The best thing about the course is that it pushes you to go beyond what you think is good enough."

"The class itself was really great with active class participation, interesting dialogue, and stimulating learning experiences that Justin always added great energy to."

"I don't usually get pushed in my writing because I'm naturally pretty good at it, but Prof Warner kept pushing me to the next level, and my writing is better for it."

"A great professor who really cared for his students' development in the subject."

"Justin Warner is a phenomenal teacher. He constantly found new ways to make the course more engaging. I wouldn't change a thing."

Previously, he was an adjunct faculty member at The Nightingale-Bamford School, where he created a two-week playwriting intensive for high school juniors, culminating in readings of the students' work by professional actors. He has also taught improv workshops in the school's acting classes and upper school drama rehearsals, and both judged and guest coached Middle and Upper School debate.  He has co-moderated the Tony Award-winning BMI Musical Theater Workshop's first-year songwriting class, and selected as a judge for spring 2014's second-year presentations/auditions for the Advanced class.

“Justin is an excellent teacher. My students loved working with him and frequently refer back to what they learned in his classes. He strikes the perfect balance between providing students with clear and useful guidelines and allowing them freedom to explore their ideas and find their voice. Students respond immediately to his energy, enthusiasm, and humor. My students wrote some of their best material with Justin because of the inspiration, encouragement, and feedback he provided, and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Laura Kirk, English Faculty, The Nightingale-Bamford School, Manhattan

He has also taught playwriting in NYC public schools, as a teaching artist with Young Audiences New York and Young Playwrights Inc.

"My students have immensely enjoyed Justin's workshops over the past two years. Flexible and open-minded, he adeptly handles the challenging, bustling atmosphere of an urban high school. I have had other visiting instructors/artists who have constantly needed my assistance or intervention. With Justin, I can just observe my students proudly, and take notes to improve my own craft. His down-to-earth, knowledgeable demeanor engages all the students and makes them comfortable. During his workshops, a few withdrawn students shared more than they had the entire year! I can see how closely he listens to kids, and how he finds something positive in each student contribution. The students feel valued and therefore empowered, and all of this occurs while they are having fun!"

Alysoun Roach, English Faculty, William Cullen Bryant High School, Astoria, Queens

Prior to that, Justin co-created the improv comedy training program at Washington Improv Theater, which now runs year-round and serves hundreds of students every year. During his seven-year tenure with WIT, he taught adult classes at all skill levels, led workshops for teenagers, and conducted corporate training programs for clients ranging from small non-profits to America Online.  Sample comments on anonymous class-evaluation forms:

"Simply incredible... very supportive"

"Definitely made the class as terrific as it was"

"A phenomenally gifted artist and teacher"

"Fantastic - by far the best teacher I've ever had"

He is happy to create a customized writing workshop for any audience – just drop him a line on the Contact page.