Recent print, web, and radio work includes:

American Theatre

Book Review: Epic Web Fail (PDF), May/June 2014

Book Review: Better Together (PDF), March 2014

News in Brief: Writing Under The Gun, July/August 2013

News in Brief: Keying Into Sondheim (PDF), April 2013

Front & Center: Does Not Compute (PDF), February 2013

Front & Center: Those Evil Machines (PDF), December 2012

Book Review: Measured Lives (PDF), September 2012

Front & Center: Prep School Confidential (PDF), December 2010

Haverford College Alumni Magazine

Disaster Falls (PDF), Winter 2017

"Mixed Media" profile: Daniel Elihu Kramer '84 (PDF), Spring/Summer 2016

"Mixed Media" profile: Don Fried '72 (PDF), Winter 2016

"Mixed Media" profile: J. Linn Allen '61 (PDF), Winter 2015

Indie Innovator (PDF), Winter 2013

Man With a Mission (PDF), Spring/Summer 2012

Living History (PDF), Spring/Summer 2011

Mexican Journeys (PDF), Winter 2011

Investing in Change (PDF), Winter 2010

ChemMatters, magazine for high school students, published by the American Chemical Society

        Living With An Artificial Bladder (PDF), April 2013

        Sniffing Out Cancer (PDF), February 2013

NYU Alumni Magazine

View From The Driver's Seat, Fall 2012

A Playwright With Punch, Fall 2011

One Pen At A Time (PDF), Spring 2011

New Scientist

        Brain-training games stop depression before it starts, 11/1/11

Retail Therapy, 2/17/01

Various news briefs, 1994-95


Vision Quest, July 2009

Reputation Offsets, July 2009

The Blue Doors (The Nightingale-Bamford School Alumnae Magazine)

The Print Shop Around the Corner (PDF), 2008

Pass/Sail (PDF), 2008

Justin was also a longtime staff writer and podcast reporter for AAAS Science Update.

Justin has previously written for:

Kinetic City Super Crew (Peabody Award-winning children's radio show): Staff writer/editor

Popular Science


Discovery Communications


The World Bank

DC Heritage Tourism Coalition

FCN Publishing